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Save some money by finding the best ammo prices in a easy to use interface. is by far the easiest way to find great prices on most popular ammo.

If you like to shoot you know how expensive a hobby it is. With an average cost of most pistol cartridges somewhere between 15 and .40 cent a pop, it’s no wonder people have started buying ammo via the itnernet.

Can I Buy Ammo Online?
Some people might be shocked to learn that online purchases of ammo are both safe and legal in most every state. The federal government regulates firewarms sales, and as such has no need to regulate ammo sales. Ammo is not very dangerous in itself.

So Go For It
Visit today and find the best prices on the most popular cartridges today.

Popular Ammo: 9mm,45 ACP,
380 ACP,40 S&W,
30-06 Springfield,308 Winchester,
12 gauge,270 Winchester
22 Long Rifle,
357 Magnum,
30-30 Win,
38 Special

Just like an excel spreadsheet the site allows you to sort and search fields in real time, no slow page refreshes required. If you like the site, or know of others like it please post in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Great Gemstone Information at

Gem 5 is a new website that we’ve wanted to review a bit. seems to be set up to inform persons looking for gemstone data. It’s sorta like a gemstone encyclopedia if you will. It has easily accessable search boxes on the top right and middle right of every page. The site also appears to be “responsive” in that it changes resolution to match the device that you are viewing it on. In other words it looks different on a mobile phone than on a 21″ lcd monitor.

All in all nice photos, and very unique descriptions have been added. Photos come in 2 sizes..1 the original and 2 a smaller thumbnail size photo that displays as what we might call an icon.

The descriptions provide both accurate historical data and common industrial usages if known. The main description body speaks on where to find the gem, the gem value, the color of the gem, the rarity, and how it is usually prepared.

The site also offers company reviews so you can check real user feedback on stores both on and offline.

This site is a keeper and we’ll be checking back with it soon to see what improvements and adjustments they have made to the site.

Gun Values | Gun Values Gun Values

If you are looking for a website that displays gun details like values, photos, reviews, and stats then you need to check out

This site is very well designed and pleasing to the eye. It is also very easy to navigate around and find exactly what you are looking for.

It seems in the gun community there is also lots of people arguing over stats, well if you disagree with the stats on you can change them and the changes will be displayed publicly for everyone.

It’s similar to a Gun WikiPedia in that it’s mostly user powered.

We’ve uploaded a few pics of some guns that we have at home and it seemed to work easy enough really. Just attach the photo and upload once you have created your free account.

We expect that will be a big hit with Hunters, Sports Shooters, and NRA members.

The site is also in the middle of writing some really nice articles on hot topics that are common in the gun community.

Share and View Gun Photos

Share and View Gun Photos

Share and View Gun Photos

They have some really cool gun photos and there is even the built in ability to share photos of your own guns or guns you have found on the web.

The upload is instant using some sort of ajax or equivalent technology and the images expand into a lightbox so you can see them better.

In the photo shown here someone has uploaded photos of their Beretta SAKO 75 Hunter.

Search For Guns

Search For Guns

Cool Search Suggest

This is the first gun website i’ve seen that has a auto suggest or a search suggest that auto populates popular search terms based of a database of some sort.

Does it sound interesting? Check them out

A few popular pages 10,000+ Free Icons

IconBug 10,000+ Free Icons
IconBug 10,000+ Free Icons is a huge resource of free icons for designers looking to get a leg up on the competition. The site contains some 10,000+ tagged icons that cover almost any and all subjects you can think of.

Some features we thought were cool

Image scaling: The site has every standard size icon for quick download so you don’t have to shrink the images yourself. Sizes include 256 x 256,128 x 128,64 x 64,48 x 48,32 x 32,24 x 24, and in some cases 512×512.

Icon Size

Icon Size

Image Size Filtering: Allows you to quickly filter by a certain image size using a little check box system on the right sidebar.

Icon Category Filtering: Common tags are displayed on the right. So lets say you search for social networking icons and then want to drill down to just the Facebook or Twitter icons. You would simply need to put a check box in either the twitter or Facebook box on the right and it would filter out all unwanted icons.

Search Features

Search Features

Robust Auto Search Suggest: The site also has a very clean and robust search page that not only allows you to search bu also provides hints as you are typing.

Share Your Icons: If you are an icon designer they have a great user feature that allows you to upload and manage your icon collection and even lets you provide a link back to your website. It’s a great way to promote your icons and it cost’s nothing. So that may be something you want to think about doing as a designer.

So in summary the site is a great little resource for people looking for fast and easy access to a large icon database.

The URL for those who are interested is

Silver Coin Database

Online Coin Database

Online Coin Database is one of those invaluable resources that truly help the Numismatic and Silver Investing community. It’s database contains most United States coins and details things like the intrinsic vs numismatic values, the number of coins produced, the basic value reported by coin condition, and much more.

Here are a few of our favorite tools and what they do.

  1. US Coin Silver Content tool- this utility is great for those wanting get the current silver melt value (updated every 15 minutes) for any US silver coin from 1900-2011. Load up this app into your cell phone when browsing antique shops for coins to make sure you are getting a deal.
  2. Is my coin Silver?- This tool helps you figure out the silver content (if any) of your coin, and instantly generates the current value.
  3. Junk Silver Prices – The current price for bags 90% silver, based of spot.
  4. Silver Coin Calculator – Enter the face value of bag of coins, a roll of coins, or even an individual coin into the silver coin calculator to get the total melt value.

They also have the cool widgets that display the current silver or gold price. If you like them just grab the code on the associated page, and you can instantly display the spot price chart on your own Web site or page.
current price silver
current price gold