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Co.Uk vs .Com

Tea Time

Tea Time

Co.Uk domain name worth more than  a .COM
Well according to domain marketplace giant it is, or at the very least was the 2nd quarter of 2009. reports that “price for domains has overtaken that of .com, selling for £790 while .com drops to £594. ” [read article]

That being said the .com domain sales still make for 76% of all domain sales in 2009.

We think this is more attributed to economics than it is to actual domain value. The United States has been hammered economically, and people aren’t willing to spend thousands or hundreds of thousands for domains that may or not be worth that large sum of money. Despite the recent financial collapse of Greece the United Kingdom still fares better than the US.

So what’s our perspective on the vs .com ? We still think the .com is the more viable long lasting option. While has one upped the .com for just a short period of time, the .COM is the original.

What do you think?