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Choosing a TLD

Choosing a TLD

.COM .NET or .ORG a simple enough question that has plagued many a webmaster.

When choosing a TLD (top level domain) you always want to own the .Com if at all possible.

If you are running a non-profit site and want the .org extension because you like the way it makes you feel, then buy the .com as well and redirect it to the .org version. It’s a simple decision that will save your users from having to remember your extension. Let’s be realistic everyone types in .com after a domain.

If you are planning to resell the domain later (domain squatting) then you definitely want to buy the .com I don’t have any stats on hand but I would wager that the .com would go for 3-5x what the .net or .org would go for.

So I you are going to buy. Buy the .dot com. It’s really a no brainier.