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Blogging a Real Recession Hedge


Blogger Guy

Blogging a Real Recession Hedge? I see videos online where people are always talking about finding a hedge against recession.

Well I suggest you start a Blog. Don’t buy gold, because at 1,300 an oz its highly overpriced right now. If you want to buy a metal buy silver, but neither one of these 2 items will help you fight a recession/depression like blogging will.

“Time is Money”, we’ve all heard this saying possibly a hundred times, and when you hear something that many times it’s either the truth or a slogan some political think tank has came up with to brainwash you. In this case however it is the truth. Time…really…is…money.

Assuming you still have a job right now you receive a paycheck correct? You also probably get paid by the hour, correct? That proves that time = money. Your job just happens to set the rate right?

Blogging helps fight a recession by providing a small subsidized level of

Time is Money

Time is Money

passive income for your time. In other words they pay you for your time. Know in a typical business model your company has a position that makes them money. They estimate that one our of work in this position will yield them $34.00 (just an example) So they will attempt to hire someone making less than that in order to make a profit. They must also figure in their operating, maintenance, insurance, employee tax, costs. So they settle on an hourly rate of $10.00, unless they can outsource the job somewhere else in which case they may lower it to $1.00 an hour. You can see where I’m going right?

Not to sound like some cheap furniture salesman, but “blogging eliminates the middle man”. The middle man being your employer. Just to note however there are very few bloggers that can survive on their online earnings, but it does help them fight off the recession woes. Working a few hours a week for a year or so could earn you a few hundred extra dollars a month. The coolest thing about this is however, that you own the content, and the content continues to make you money long after you’ve stopped blogging. Your articles may get internet traffic for 10 years or more.

Chart Example

Chart Example

Let’s do a small simulation and put in very modest results. Lets say that every article you write makes you .25 (25 cents) a week. That’s $1.00 a month, and $12 a year. That article continues to get traffic for $10 years. $12 x 10 = $120. So for every article you write you get $120 over 10 years. If it takes you 1 hour to write an article then you just got paid $120 an hour. You get the picture, right?

So blogging is a real recession hedge in that it invest time (something that many out of work people have), and provides passive long term income. (something that no one seems to have anymore).

Moral of the story is…if you are trying to make it in this recession and have time to invest. Start a blog.