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Chitika Drops Linx Ads

Chitika Drops Linx Ads!?

Chitika Linx Gone

Chitika Linx

Chitika one of the rising stars of the internet advertisement world has effectively dropped their very popular linx ad units. These units were high yield ad units for publishers, and ow they’ve been dropped, or at the very least taken down a peg. I’ve personally seen my Chitika income drop by 80% ouch! They offer premium ads, but these ads pay a horribly low cpc rate. I’m really distraught here, I mean I loved those ads. They were a boost to my revenue stream. I think I’m switching over to Vibrantmedia Intellitxt. I have an account with them, but man I really like those linx ads from chitika.

My account rep Tom Reynolds had contacted me a few days ago to notify me (and other people im sure) of the changes ahead. I emailed him today to see if there was any way to switch back and he tells me “This unfortunately is out of my hands. The links product was not working for the advertisers that we work with.” I believe him to, seems to be pretty nice guy.

Im sure this is going to “hugely” reduce Chitika’s intext market share, as well as erode their publisher base.

If you find yourself in the my shoes here are some alternative In-Text link providers.

Other Providers
Intellitxt by Vibrantmedia (very nice looking)
Infolinks by Infolinks (maybe the next best thing)
ContentLink by Kontera (they blow really)
Inline Ads by Adbrite (don’t think they pay well)

This may leave room for some other company to come in a scoop up some very profitable market share.

What do you think?