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How to Write Good Content Spam

Content Spam

Content Spam

How to Write Good Spam Content Let me start off with saying I hate content spam. Some of the replies I get with links in them are just awful. If you are going to spam someone at least read the article, and at make sure what you are writing is (in this case English) in some remotely proper and related comment.

Have  a read.

Here are some comments that blow.

  • I like good post. Good thanks.
  • You keep me ok.
  • Yes me to thanks for it.
  • Buy some of my viagra.

Bloggers realize there is going to be some level of spam, and most will let you post your webpages in the “webpage” box. No one is going to let you post a link to your site in the full comment, so just forget about that one.

Read the article, post a relative opinionated comment, and include your website url in the website box.

If you are not a spammer, and just want to post comments,¬† I’m sorry for the rant.