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Google PageRank Update 2010

PageRank Update

PageRank Update

Google PageRank Update for 2010

Google PageRank while not the most accurate measure of a websites total value does help a site sell ad space, and give the webmaster a good feel for how well the site is gaining backlinks and popularity.

Google PageRank 2010 Update Predictions
Middle of April 2010 (Actual date April 3rd 2010)
Middle of July 2010
Middle of October 2010
Middle of December 2010

I would expect these figures to be off as much as + or – 15 days. Google has a habit of doing updates quarterly. These estimations also line up with updates from the past few years, so chances are these will be spot on.

When the 2010 updates do come, ill be sure to edit this post to put the exact PageRank update date.

So bookmark this page, and for now look for the next update within the next 30 or so days. Thanks for reading.

87 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update 2010

  1. It happens whenever Google decides it happens 🙂

    But according to the past PR Updates it should be sometime in the next 10 days or so, all we can do is wait i guess. 🙂

  2. Hey Pagestat,
    I’m not sure how familiar you are with SEO MOZ’s ranking score but what do you think of it? It currently gives my website a “4” but I am currently only a Google PR of “1”. Do you think that means a good chance of my Google PR going up with the update or are the two not closely related enough to use the SEO MOZ ranking as a gauge?


  3. Question: How long is the update taking… because I saw that some pages changed their page rank and other not… Is it possible that the update takes more than a day?


  4. Yeah sometimes it takes a few days. If you are seeing some change that’s a good sign.

    Sites pr may flicker up and down or on and off for a day or so assuming they are updating.

    So yeah completely possible that they may take more than a day, assuming again that it has started.

  5. I manage more than 100 websites (from PR 1 to PR 7), and only 2 of them changed PR from 7 to 4, and the other from 6 to 2. For the other nothing… Did anyone else see any changes?

  6. No clue here either.

    Maybe they are waiting until school starts back?

    All i have are stats for older PR Updates, and this one is late in comparison.

    Maybe they want to build the suspense? Someone start a drumroll. 🙂

  7. No but I used them to create the current “2010 Update Predictions”

    You can find them online by searching for “Google PageRank Update History”

  8. Saw an update on my “Webmaster Tools” this weekend. My number of links went from around 500 or so up to 6,711 ( )

    Do you think this could be an indication that Google is doing some things and getting ready for a PR update? And have you found the number of links shown in Webmaster Tools to be a good representation of your total links? If so I am thinking my site may go from PR1 –> PR4 do you think this is a realistic expectation?

  9. @Brendan: No, this means that google indexed your pages, the PR process is completly independent and hidden. Your PR does not take into account the number of pages indexed. I have a website with more that 500000 pages indexed and has PR3 for 2 years… So, no..

    Anyway, anybody saw any movement these days?

  10. @Alex- Thanks for that info 🙂

    I read on another blog that some guy saw a PR change in 3 out of 100 of his websites around the very end of July. I personally have seen no changes on my sites.

  11. I’ve heard something like that as well. A few (very few) have seen a small update around that time frame. Could just be a fluke.

  12. Adsense says they are going to be down for maintenance the 21st. PR Updates often correspond with Adsense Updates. Im not sure if they use some of the computing power that is used to power Adsense to propigate the PageRank updates? I’ve seen this more than once in the past. So maybe around the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, or so. If not we’ll just have to wait I guess. Somebody call google and ask them 1-(650)-253-0000 hehe

  13. I could be wrong but now that I think about it I remember Adsense going down for maintenance around the time of the last pagerank so let’s hope you are right!

  14. Still no changes…

    Question: For example Google calculates the PR for 3 days. Does it affect my PR if i have a link from another website with PR 6 since 1 month ago or since 5 months ago? I mean does the calculation take in consideration the links at that moment (1-2 weeks ago) or takes into account the history of link exchange since the last calculation?

  15. Haven’t seen any updates as of yet on my PR but did see a HUGE boost the past 3 weeks in about 6 of my biggest keywords (from pages 10-15 all the way to pages 1-3).

  16. still waiting for the next PR update..I hope all the linkbuilding I have been doing results in some good PR increases for my sites, I have 470 PR0 sites lol.

  17. I have a keyword question for everyone out there– any help would be appreciated — I have a keyword that Google says has about 50,000 searches per month. Right now I am in the number 3 slot for that keyword, but only see about 50 impressions per day. Any idea what the issue could be?