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Google PageRank Update 2010

PageRank Update

PageRank Update

Google PageRank Update for 2010

Google PageRank while not the most accurate measure of a websites total value does help a site sell ad space, and give the webmaster a good feel for how well the site is gaining backlinks and popularity.

Google PageRank 2010 Update Predictions
Middle of April 2010 (Actual date April 3rd 2010)
Middle of July 2010
Middle of October 2010
Middle of December 2010

I would expect these figures to be off as much as + or – 15 days. Google has a habit of doing updates quarterly. These estimations also line up with updates from the past few years, so chances are these will be spot on.

When the 2010 updates do come, ill be sure to edit this post to put the exact PageRank update date.

So bookmark this page, and for now look for the next update within the next 30 or so days. Thanks for reading.