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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

What are Search Engine Optimization Services? With such frequent talk of SEO and SEM there is very little talk on the exact services and what they are. So I felt it was important to write this article on the smaller segments of seo, to give readers a little more insight.

SEO Services Unordered List

  • Consultation – This just like a consultation from some other professional¬† in some other field. Basically includes the seo talking with you, giving you some ideas, and or pointing you in the right direction. This service often leads to other services.
  • SEO Training – Teaches the basics of seo or techniques for increasing sites seo. This is a great concept, because it then empowers the owners / employees.
  • Keyword Research – Keyword research is the art and science of researching keywords that can potentially drive new customers to a site for free using seo. (google keyword tools)
  • SEO Site Design / Re-Design – usually consist of creating crawl-able site structure that includes properly formed urls with keywords embedded along with title, and description meta tag.
  • Backlink Building – The seo specialist attempts to get the site backlinks with build pr (page rank) and ultimately increase the sites rank.
  • Retainer / Part Time Worker – with this model the seo usually signs an annual or bi-annual agreement that states the seo consultant or firm will provide x amount of hours monthly or yearly, for x amount of dollars.

Yeah that about sums up the most popular services that seo’s employ. Make sure you do your research before deciding to hire any seo. Just like other services you are bound to find people looking to rip you off.

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  1. what are you doing with your complaints about your service? just letting them laugh at the patron? what you ask for our comments, but you do not respond!!!!!!so do you have any kind of sense of responisibly to your customers, or do some of your customers have to be at your sites, when there is someone somewhat glad to have any money come into your locations.!!!

    HAFB location is able to get away with not repeating the customers orders, messing them, up and then not fixing them? is this how other locations work? this is the only location i know of in Northern Utah.

    what do i blog about how your people are able to make your customers feel like they should not go into your locations at all. what customer service.

    I have yet to have the order repeated, and the complaint resolved. it isnt resolved….YET!!!!!

  2. Im not sure what you are talking about as we do not provide seo services? I’m guessing you clicked on a link somewhere and ended up here? Additionally your IP address says you are in Utah, in NC on the other side of the states.

    HAFB? Not sure what that even is. We have no locations. Just me blogging, no stores, this is not even my full time job.

    Hope you get everything figured out. If you want to complain please reply, and post the info on the company you are angry at.

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