Will Google Take Over the World?

Google Domination

Google Domination

Will Google Take Over the World? With this question in mind I think about that movie Wall-E where everything is owned by a fictional company called Buy n Large. This company is more a parody of “Wall-Mart” obviously, but this level of dominance is the point in question.

In my opinion the simple answer is no. It’s an easy answer since it’s never happened. Now the fact that 75% of our internet searches and by proxy 75% of our questions are answered by Google does seem a bit alarming.
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Canadian Dollar Worth More Than US Dollar


CA$ > US $

It’s official the Canadian Dollar now worth more than US Dollar. This may seem trivial to some of you out there but let me remind you that just 5 years ago you could take 1 us dollar and exchange it for 1.20 Canadian dollars.

BuyUSA.gov states the following “The relationship between the United States and Canada is the closest and most extensive in the world. It is reflected in the staggering volume of bilateral trade–the equivalent of $1.5 billion a day in goods–as well as in people-to-people contact. About 300,000 people cross the shared border every day.”
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Adsense PIP April 2010

Adsense PIP

Adsense PIP

Google Adsense pip (google adsense payment in progress) blog post for April 2010.

It’s April 22nd 2010 and as of yet there is no payment in progress or payment issued. Payment is usually received by the 26th, but sometimes earlier. So my bet is on the next few days.

If you have a pip notice please post. If you’ve received payment please post.

We are creating a thread for every month, and we want to hear from you.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

What are Search Engine Optimization Services? With such frequent talk of SEO and SEM there is very little talk on the exact services and what they are. So I felt it was important to write this article on the smaller segments of seo, to give readers a little more insight.

SEO Services Unordered List

  • Consultation – This just like a consultation from some other professional¬† in some other field. Basically includes the seo talking with you, giving you some ideas, and or pointing you in the right direction. This service often leads to other services.
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Traffic then CTR

Traffic First

Traffic First

Traffic then CTR

It is in my opinion, and many others that traffic is much harder to come by than high ctr (click through rates). Tinkering with ad formats, colors, locations, and wording is something you can do at leisure. This will increase the effectiveness of your advert space, and ultimately more properly convert your users into buyers. Continue reading …