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Increase Search Engine Traffic (5 Steps)

Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Traffic

I was writing this quick article to tell you 5 simple steps that you can use to increase your search engine traffic.

Search engine traffic is free traffic for the most part. Yes it takes time to build the pages, and money to buy the software to code the pages, and maybe you bought a few ads on some other site and you think that has helped your rankings. But over all its free traffic.

5 Easy Steps

  • Make sure that your site navigation does not use java script as navigation. Website bots disable java script so that makes those pages invisible to the search engines.
  • Create unique <title> and meta description/keyword tags for each page, and if you use wordpress as a blog be sure to use something like seo slugs.
  • Find your competitors and the keywords driving traffic to their sites. This should really be #1. It’s almost always some obscure crazy terms that are truly driving traffic to websites. Words you would never guess on your own. Try using our main site search to fine web page stats. We’ll display keywords for any domain, for free.
  • Update often for 2 reasons.  1.) The more content the larger the chance of traffic. 2.) Google, Yahoo, and Bing love fresh content.
  • Get backlinks. Find out who is linking to your competitors, they will most likely be willing to link to you. While backlinks are not as big as they used to be they are still a small piece of the puzzle.