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Organic vs. Paid Traffic

Organic vs Paid

Organic vs Paid

We wanted to discuss the positives and negatives of organic and paid traffic in a post so here it is.

Organic Search Positive

  1. cheap
  2. related to topic
  3. permanent

Organic Search Negative

  1. unreliable (may not yield any traffic)
  2. subject to search engine algorithm changes
  3. takes time to rank
  4. takes backlinks
  5. takes time to create content
  6. no way to accurately measure roi.

Paid Search Positive

  1. instant (get traffic within 24hrs or less)
  2. no limit on traffic (only limit is money)
  3. ability to pick and choose demographics
  4. pick and choose keywords and phrases
  5. no backlinks required
  6. measure roi (return on investment)

Paid Search Negative

  1. cost money
  2. not permanent
  3. may have to compete for certain keywords