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LinkSnapr New Social Bookmarking Site

LinkSnapr Submit Links

LinkSnapr Submit Links

LinkSnapr is a new social bookmarking site like Digg, StubmleUpon, or Delicious . It has a nice new web 2.0 interface and sign-up seems to be a breeze. We’ve submitted several pages and can say we are pleased with the site as a whole.

Link to the domain is

Much like digg you can vote up or down the submissions of others. Current categories are science, news, websites, technology, entertainment, sports, and business.

They also have an upcoming news section for the new post, and posts with 2 votes or more land on the front page for a limited amount of time. (thats a good deal)

So if you are looking to promote your website or article then post it over at tell your friends and bump it up to the first page.

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  4. I usually check my back-links every day and look for what are the sites linked to my website,i found that linksnapr has also given me a back-link,this website gives permanent back link to website,.which helps keywords to rank high..