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Webmasters Diversify

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Webmasters Diversify

I can’t stress enough the need to diversify your “web” portfolio.You know the saying “don’t have all your eggs in one basket”? Just like all universal truths it a also applies to your work online.

Diversify what you ask?

Your Website Niches- Instead of just doing ringtones or tips on lawncare start a few other sites in other niches. So if one domain suddenly becomes unpopular you still have a few backups.

Revenue Streams- Don’t rely to heavily on one form of revenue (usually Adsnese Ads) read our article on Top 10 Adsense alternatives. Additionally try selling stuff on ebay, or selling your visitors a physical or digital items like an e-book. People don’t often realize this but those advertisers on your site are making money off of your visitors because you aren’t. You can make alot more by selling them something directly.

Regions and Countries- Consider marketing to other regions or even countries. If the US economy collapses how are you going to survive? May not sound likely, but anything is possible..

Your Hosting- What happens if a huge hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster destroys your server (shared/or dedicated)? I thinks it’s always good to have at elast 2 shared hosting/or one dedicated and one shared hosting plan in 2 totally different locations. Side note while we like both HostGator and ThePlanet they both keep there servers in the same building (hostgator rents from the planet) So i would suggest lunarpages for one, and either hostgator or theplanet for the other. Lunarpages is in California, and HostGator and ThePlanet are in Texas.

Your Assets- if you own tons of online real estate but nothing in the real world consider investing in some assets like Gold, Silver, Coins, Property, or similar. If there was a war or national catasrophe the internet would be gone, and you would be broke and helpess. I’d stay away from the stocks, bonds, and cd’s. I at the moment just don’t trust the banks and similar institutions.

Domain Names- Purchase some domain names on the cheap while the economy is down. Domains that used to be $30,000 can now be purchased for a few hundred dollars. Like $200-300. Find domains you like on Sedo that are priced kinda high, then use whois to lookup the owner and then email them with a low offer. 1 out of 5 will take the offer or counter with a slightly higher offer. It’s a great way to get premium domains on the cheap.