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Add PR to Website now has a Google PageRank integration option, that will allow you to embed an image representation of your websites pagerank into your site.

This is a great way to show off your sites PR, and may be a boost to potential ad customers.

If you’ve not done so already please Add Your Site to our main website (this is the blog area), and within a few minutes your site should be crawled and analyzed. Then just grab the PageRank code from your websites page, and that’s all there is to it really.

The picture above shows more than just the pagerank for the site it also has alexa rank, and similar. The code we supply however will only display your sites PageRank so don’t worry you won’t have all that stuff, just the PR image, sound good?

If you add our pr feature to your website please let us know post your site below, please no spam.

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Build My Page Rank

Building PR

Building PR

I get requests all the time from people needing help building their pagerank. My response is always the same. Build quality content to generate quality related backlinks and then repeat.

It’s really simple everyone. Just like the real world the cyber world takes hard work, dedication, a good idea, and some luck. That really sums it up.

If you are looking to build your Page Rank score then get to work and quit reading this post. (bookmark us first of course:)

Assuming you have tons of great “original” content. Then the next logical step would be to get some High PR Backlinks.

Higher PR is earned through links from higher pr sites. Check out the PR Algorithm.

Get on Google and Yahoo and see who is linking to your competitors. Contact those sites and make them aware of your resources as well. (don’t spam please)

If you keep doing that long enough you will gradually build your pagerank and traffic, just make sure to stick with it. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

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Web Definitions Google Suggestions

new google suggestions

new google suggestions

The Google Ajax Search Suggestions you get when you do a search on give you even more. Now they have Web Definitions.

In addition to the suggestible popular search terms if you type in say “What are Black” it then populates the first box not with “What Are Black Holes”, but with a definition from a database.

This is good for the search giants internet users but bad for many webmasters. If Google users can get the answer without having to visit your page Google may steal/retain a ton of traffic and therefore revenue from those sites that specialize in question answer subjects like and similar.

So another question is how long will it take Yahoo, and Bing to implement similar technology? Will Google keep this up?

Tell us what you think about this new feature, do you like it, love it, or hate it.. and why?

Speeding Up DNS Propagation

DNS Propagation

DNS Propagation

The following details and gives tips on dns propagation.

The standard dns propagation delay of 24-72 hours is caused by a day to few day gap in time, from when the dns details are specified at the registrar level to when the domain actually resolves to those ns details (name server details)

I think the delay is due to the way the internet is set up. The internet does not have 1 central brain but thousands that give directions, and those are updated at various levels.

DNS Propagation Explained

Here are the basic steps for changing a name server.

  • Site is registered or transferred to another registrar
  • Domain info is added to a server (usually via cpanel for Apache servers, but also via IIS on Windows)
  • DNS (domain name server) info is manually changed at the registrar level.
  • DNS Details Propagate accross the web.

Now here is the tip. Whenever you register the domain at say do not visit the domain name until you create the account on the server and enter the dns details into the registrar. We are not sure what goes wrong when you try and visit the domain before setting the dns details, but we can guess that it has something to do with caching of the dns details on some level or another. (be it local or regional) We own some 100 domains, and have setup some 2, or 3 hundred in total. When following the suggested steps new domains will show up almost instantly. We are serious here. Please make a note and try this next time you register a domain.

If you have questions, or comments post them up.


What are long tail keywords?

Long Tail

Long Tail

Long tail keywords are words orĀ  phrases that are a bit obscure in terms of internet traffic search request.

If “free ringtones” is a good keyword then “free Michael Jackson ringtones for iphone” is a long tail keyword.

There is less competition for the long tail keyword, and also less traffic. So it’s a gamble as to if it is going ultimately pan out or not.

The phrase “content is king” comes to mind when talking about long tail keywords. While 1 long tail keyword page would mean very little traffic. 1,000 long tail keyword pages could mean some serious cash. Just something to think about.

If you write enough content then you are bound to get some decent traffic, assuming this is quality content.

Why are they called Long Tail?
Most likely because of the fact that if you plot them out on a graph they are the obscure terms at the very far right bottom of the curve. That curve looks like a very long tail. (i may be wrong, but that makes sense to me)

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