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How Many Websites Are There?

May 2010 Survey

May 2010 Survey

This is as crazy and dynamic a question as any. The quick answer is somewhere around 240 Million domain names have been registered, but there are only 80 million of those (or roughly 1/3) of those are active.

What’s the difference between registered and active domains? Registered means someone owns the name, and active means someone has actually made a website for that domain.

This information was taken from and is the most accurate count as of May 2010.

Here is the link to the actual survey if you want to read more.


5 thoughts on “How Many Websites Are There?

  1. Hey thanks Wal yes it is Million
    240 Million domain names
    240 Billion domain names

    I would say it was a typo but it was in there 2x so i doubt it. 🙂

    Thanks again, thanks for posting.

  2. Now, how does one discover how many local Web sites there are in a given market – say, Los Angeles DMA?

  3. Now thats a really good question.

    From a web marketing point of view whenever you add a location to a search term. Like when you turn DMA into Los Angeles DMA the number of competitors pretty much drops off a clif. As an example
    has 9,700,000 results in Google
    has 248,000 results
    So the local search term has about 9.4 million fewer results, and should therefore be much much easier to rank for.

    As for just getting local results Google offers a “nearby” feature that should help filter outside results, but I don’t think it works that well. It’s under “Show search Tools”