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Build My Page Rank

Building PR

Building PR

I get requests all the time from people needing help building their pagerank. My response is always the same. Build quality content to generate quality related backlinks and then repeat.

It’s really simple everyone. Just like the real world the cyber world takes hard work, dedication, a good idea, and some luck. That really sums it up.

If you are looking to build your Page Rank score then get to work and quit reading this post. (bookmark us first of course:)

Assuming you have tons of great “original” content. Then the next logical step would be to get some High PR Backlinks.

Higher PR is earned through links from higher pr sites. Check out the PR Algorithm.

Get on Google and Yahoo and see who is linking to your competitors. Contact those sites and make them aware of your resources as well. (don’t spam please)

If you keep doing that long enough you will gradually build your pagerank and traffic, just make sure to stick with it. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

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4 thoughts on “Build My Page Rank

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  2. I have had my website running for about 1 and half months we get over 7,000 visits a day our Page Rank is still 0
    id love to beable to get a nice page rank,
    Hopefully with lots of hard work i can achieve this.

  3. Wow, 7,000 visits a day and your site has an alexa rank of 1,000,000 1 page indexed in google, and just 17 links.

    Like to know how you are pulling that one off. 🙂

  4. I am struggling a lot for this page rank since from 7 months of time,but till now i couldn’t succeed,my keywords are all ranked but even though i am satisfied..I am still working on page rank..thanks for your inspiration here …I will make syre to follow these steps..