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We Don’t Know Anything Yet

We as a group of collective intelligence don’t know anything yet. Why do I say this with all the wonders of modern medicine, the internet, dna mapping, and space travel? Well because in perspective we don’t know anything.

How can you tell if you don’t know what you don’t know? Well let’s look back a bit at the previous few hundred years.

Just a few hundred years ago we still believed in spontaneous generation. You may remember that term from Biology class, but if you don’t here is a simple explanation. People believed life sprung from inanimate objects every day. If you left a piece of meat outside it would spontaneously turn into fly larvae and then flies. What they didn’t see were the flies laying their eggs in the meat. So to them meat a dead piece of matter made flies. Sounds dumb right? At the time it was fact.

Just a few hundred years ago the earth was flat, heaven was above us, and hell was below us. If you took a boat ride to far you would fall off the face of the earth. Sounds dumb right? Well at the time it was a fact.

Just a few hundred years ago the Sun and all the planets rotated around earth. Earth was the center of the universe. Sounds dumb right? At the time it was a fact.

These things were taught in the most prestigious institutions as adamant facts not to be disputed.

So what are the chances that we are wrong about Gravity, Life, the Universe, Consciousness, Perception, Matter, Atoms,  and maybe even ESP. (not to sound to strange on the last one but really) Well if we just look at the past then there is a 100% chance we are wrong about some of the very things that we consider to be the foundation of our existence and how we interact with things.

How do we find out what we don’t know?

A great place to start is to look at some basic theories that have not yet become laws. Why are they not laws? Well because they cannot be proven absolutely, there are problems with them on some level or another. An example would be the Theory of General Relativity. But Einstein created that theory? Einstein also theorized that the universe was static, but it is not it’s ever expanding. General relativity works for things that are large, but at the molecular level they fail. Quantum mechanics works for the molecular level but fails for things that are large? So they are both wrong at some level.

Let me leave you with 2 little videos to watch and ponder.

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