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How much money does bill gates make a day?

Bill Gates Mr. Money

Bill Gates Mr. Money

So how much money does Mr. Bill Gates the richest man in the world make each day? He earns around $6,000,000 each and every day. That is 6 million dollars for those of you who can’t count that high, or €4,845,352.50 for the Europeans out there.

So whats $6 mill x 365 ? It’s 2,100,000,000 or 2.1Billion USD a year.

To put that in perspective that’s $69 dollars a second. $4,140 a minute, and $248,400 an hour.

If you took 5 average American men and kept there wages for a full year that would still be less than what this guy makes an hour.

What would it be like to be this rich?  I have no clue, but im sure he sleeps well at night.

6 thoughts on “How much money does bill gates make a day?

  1. hi bill gates can you please send us 100,000 dollars please our family really need it because of bills and docter bills so please can u reply to us your answer please we really need it thank for your time

  2. Mr. Gates… me and my friend were talking you should be giving a bunch of money to charity. Ive heard you do but when you make 6,000,000 a day you should of already invested a couple billon in the last five years. Your gonna die soon anyway so why not give a little bit to a kid that doesnt have anything or a family that cant pay for a life saving surgery. Everyone wants to be a superhero, and you can…