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Should I Buy Silver Coins or Bars?

silver bullion

silver bullion

Hey, Should I Buy Silver Coins or Bars? Well the best way to go about answering this question is to first ask yourself another question. Are you wanting to buy silver to store wealth for long periods of time like for retirement, because you are wanting to start a collection, or because you are afraid of inflation and a national debt crisis / hyper-inflation like many speak of.

Each answer will lead you to a different solution. So here we go.

IRA/Retirement/Storing Wealth
If you are wanting to save for the future and store wealth then you will most likely want to go with buying bars. You can get bars as small as 1,5, or 10 ounces all the way up to the standard 100 ounce bars you see in movies and bank vaults.  Buying the largest bars you can afford will give you the lowest price over spot. (usually less than a dollar over spot) They are also usually “stack-able” this takes up less room in the long term. 100 1oz coins will take up much more space than a single 100 ounce bar.

Starting a Silver Bullion Collection

Asian Lunar Coins

Asian Lunar Coins

If you are wanting to start a silver collection then you most likely want to get yourself the coins or the smaller 1 to 10 ounce silver bars.

The coins are a little more to look at, and if you happen to have some old quarter, half dollars, dimes, or nickels that pre-date 1965 then you already have some silver coins.  Back then the those coins contained 90% silver.  Some were reduced to 40% until sometime in the 1970’s and now they have basically no silver content.

Silver coins come in all sizes, and weights the most popular being the 1 ounce pieces. Half Ounce, US Junk Silver, 4 oz, 5 oz, & 10 ounce. Some coins like the Australian Kookaburra’s, even come  kilo’s or 32.15 oz

HyperInflation/Currency /Economic Collapse

Actual Photo from Germany

Photo Germany 1920

There has been much talk of a currency collapse, or currency devaluation of the US Dollar and even the Euro. This has fueled most of the price spike in the years 2008, 2009, and 2010. Only time will tell. If you are worried about the collapse of the economy, and the devaluation of your currency like many are then you want to buy a bit of both.

Having both silver bars and rounds (coins) in your inventory will assure you will protect your assets against inflation, and give you some small coins on hand that you can readily use to buy much needed goods and even services. Trying to pay for $20’s worth of food by sawing off a piece of a 100 oz silver bar isn’t exactly practical, but neither is storing 20,000  coins in a small safe when you could just just have 200 large silver bars.

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