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PageRank Sculpting

pagerank sculpting

pagerank sculpting

The whole purpose of PageRank Sculpting sounds a bit outlandish, it sounds like you are trying to turn your website into a body builder some some bs like that. The whole idea to me is crazy, but let us look at it for a bit.

What is PageRank Sculpting?
PR is the art of applying nofollow tags to internal and external pages in an attempt to boost the PageRank of several or one key page that the owner wishes to boost his PageRank on.

Why bother?
Well there are a few scenarious that I can think of, all of which sound a little bit Grey Hat.

  • boosted pages may rank better in search engines
  • owner plans to sell links on a high pagerank page
  • owner wants to stop PageRank evaporation.
  • owner wants to boost pages for purely self gratifying reasons (it makes them feel good)

Does PR Sculpting work?
Well it used to, but I’m not to sure how well it still works. You can try it an see for yourself, but I think it’s hardly worth the effort. During the time it takes to make a sculpting plan and editing your pages you could write a few good pages of original content and get more traffic than you would gain from any sculpting shenanigans.

Any and all input welcome.