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Adsense PIP July 2010

Adsense PIP Google

Adsense PIP Google

Hello and thanks for visiting our Adsense PIP post for the month of July 2010. We try to make one of these each month so that webmasters the world over can post the status of their Adsense payments.

So bookmark this page, as chances are you haven’t been paid yet, if you had you wouldn’t be searching for this page right? Then make a post telling us when your Adsense payment is in progress, where you are in the world, and maybe even another post once you get paid.

It’s fun to track the payments some regions tend to get paid first.

31 thoughts on “Adsense PIP July 2010

  1. Hey thats what im talking about. 🙂

    PIP in India, bust still no PIP here EST USA.

    Thanks so much for posting Chaitanya!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your service and to your website !

    Hope every time latest info will be posted.Its really useful to get PIP info.

    All the best !

  3. I live in Las vegas and I haven’t seen a PIP yet. Im thinking it will be tomorrow. I hope it’s today though. It’s already 2:45 pm here. Much success to you all.

  4. The big G seems to be getting consistently later and later every month. Guess one can only run a business on hype for so long before reality sets in. Unless you’re AAPL; then you can do it forever.

    Still no PIP, Central US, 10:00 am, Jul 27.

  5. Hhahah.. I guess so, i guess so.

    Yeah still nothing here either -5GMT

    You should check out our post
    Making Fun of iPad

    You might get a kick out of it. It’s mostly youtube videos, the last one might be the funniest.

  6. OK, lets peep for August PIP .. will you put up another thread pagestat?

    22nd August (PST) and no PIP yet.. lol, i should go out cycling or fixing my car