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Frank Garrett of Duncan Construction

Frank Garrett

Frank Garrett

One of the newest internet stars of yet is Frank Garrett of Duncan Construction. Frank Garrett appears in thousands of internet videos with more uploaded every day, the problem is however it’s not Frank Garrett but his voice on a soundboard that is in the videos.

Prank calling has been around for as long as I can remember, but since caller ID and *69 it’s really taken a hit. Now however there is software like Skype + addons that allow users to spoof their phone number. That alone is enough to kick off a new generation of prank callers, but in addition to this new feature users are making prank phone calls and recording their victims. The victims voice is then cut up into sound bytes and used in a sound board to prank call more victims. I have to admit this is amazingly funny, but probably breaks a few rules i would think. Especially when you start pranking the police, recording their voice, and then using the the police’s voice to harass persons.

Here is a topic on him over at Real Frank Garrett

The whole thing is a bit confusing, but quite popular. If you think this sounds crazy just go to YouTube and search for Frank Garrett or click the following link

At the moment there are 1,930 videos featuring Mr Frank Garrett, and an additional 1,500 tagged as Duncan Calls. Frank who seems to always be portrayed (at least in photos) as a drunk Prince Charles is always very angry and uses tons of profanity, so don’t listen to this with kids around. I suggest headphones, or earbuds.

Frank Garrett is not a voice actor or even a prank caller himself, he is actually a worker or owner of Duncan Construction.

Someone needs to go by there and tell this poor fellow what’s going on, or at least get him to build a pole barn or whatever it is they build out there in Oklahoma. Just don’t ask him to do dozer work.  (inside joke)

Since Frank uses so much profanity in his pranks we had to include a video from some other character. Donna Pope’s Neighbor. In this example someone calls this nice lady and pranks her. They record the call chop up her voice into audio clips, call back the next day, and have her talking to herself. she doesn’t even know it’s her own voice and proceeds s to have a 7:00 minute discussion with herself.

Mr Frank Garrett has even been on the Prime Time News (Fox)