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Numara Track-It! Alternative

Numara Track-It! Alternative

Numara Track-It! Alternative

If you use some sort of work order management software then you most likely use a product like Numara Track-It!. We’ve used this software for the last 6 years and it’s been all down hill as far as software quality goes.

Numara Track-It! used to be intuit track-it. The same people that make quickbooks used to manage the developers on this as well. Back then things worked just fine, and the quality assurance people did their job. Since then the company moved away from that model.

To say their software is “buggy” is a huge understatement. The audit software they offer that works on a little pocket pc needs to be re-installed all the time. If someone gets a new computer you cannot simply save the new computer over the old one, that causes the software to crash. (unhandled exception) The techs say that you need to delete the user first. The software itself is very resource intensive, and bogs your computer down immensely.

Want reports? No problem assuming you have a bachelors in computer system administration or higher. There is no easy way to get the data out of the sql database without creating a report with something like Crystal Reports.  Crazy huh?

Well here are a few alternatives, and we are not pushing any of them. We don’t know how they work but they must be better than track-it!

SysAid performs both helpdesk and inventory functions. It is specifically intended to lower the burden of administration and operational overhead.

Alloy Navigator
Alloy Navigator is an enterprise-level integrated IT infrastructure management suite based on ITIL principles. Alloy Navigator offers a perfect blend of IT Service Support, Asset Management, and Change Management, all consolidated into a single solution focused on streamlining IT service processes and effectively managing the complete IT life cycle.

eMaint X3
eMaint X3 is a full-featured Work Order Management software  system that companies use to drive asset performance and improve return on investment. Stop the endless phone calls, post it notes, missing paperwork and use eMaint X3 to reduce direct service costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase stakeholder and resource value.

Web Help Desk
Intuitive help desk software by Web Help Desk includes: cross-platform help desk software, asset management software, knowledge base software, more.

Help Desk Pilot
Thousands of business deploy Helpdesk Pilot to achieve sky high efficiencies in their help desk management. It’s a breeze to configure and customize to suit your specific business needs.