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Why do dogs eat grass?

Photo from bobmarley753 @ Flickr

Photo from bobmarley753 @ Flickr

If you’ve ever had a dog, or ever seen a dog outside then you’ve most likely seen them eating grass amongst other things. Well why do all dogs eat grass, and poop? What’s the purpose of this universal seemingly strange behavior?

There are 2 trains of thought the 1st one being the most likely answer.

1. Dogs are hunters and scavengers. They used to forage for food, as well as hunt small game. Their natural diet would have consisted of both meats and naturally growing organic matter like grass, berries, and fruit. The animals they did catch and eat where herbivores and so they would contain plant nutrients that the dog would then ingest as well.

Dog’s who aren’t getting enough nutrients from their food or who just crave greens, may seek nutrients in other material like grass, or feces.

Dogs that eat these items however,  are not necessarily missing nutrients from their diet, it may be just a simple instinctive action.

2. Some people believe that dogs eat grass when they are sick to their stomach’s. Eating to much grass often causes the dog to regurgitate its stomach contents, and therefore relieves the dog.

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