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SEO Advice for Small Businesses

SEO Advice

SEO Advice


If you are large corporation chances are you have a huge budget, and can afford the best of the best when it comes to SEO and SEM specialist. If however you are a small shop or business with justĀ  a handful of employees thenĀ  here is some basic SEO advice.

First off if your budget is near nothing you should most likely d.i.y. (do it yourself) Get one of the books in the dummies genre, SEO for Dummies or similar. I love those dummy books, and I’m no dummy. (my wife will argue with that statement, but for the purpose of this article we’ll not delve into my level of competence). So do a bit of research, for basic SEO principles it’s going to take you a few weeks or a month to get the basics, but you could save yourself thousands of dollars by buying a book and learning a bit. If after you’ve read a bit you think you can’t handle the task then it’s time to hire an SEO Expert or Novice.

Don’t get to fancy. Don’t get too fancy when it comes to what you are buying or attempting. What you want are the basic seo settings that do not push the boundaries, and realistic goals. Don’t expect to rank #1 for the term Fish Tacos overnight, but at the same time don’t let those fake seo companies try to sell you on some crazy idea that ranking for longtail keywords like “fresh fish tacos for .99 on Sundays” is a keyword worth paying fore either. Use the Google keyword tool to estimate the level of traffic. If you were able to capture 1/10, or 1/20 of that traffic would it be worth it? Maybe so, maybe not.

Don’t freak out. SEO is no magic bullet, it’s not a mystical dragon, it’s just common sense, luck, and hard work in the right direction.

Top 4 SEO Tips

  1. Title Tags- use title tags, and don’t duplicate them. Let them accurate describe the content of the page.
  2. Description Tags- give a decent description of the pages content. I usually just copy and paste a segment from the body. Make this text shorter than 175 characters or so.
  3. URL- Get the title of the page into the url. This is a must, must, must.
  4. Links- Get some backlinks, but don’t spam forums and blogs to do it, these are worthless. What you need are related links, from related sites.

That about sums it up for SEO Tips for Small Businesses. Do your research, and get it done right and your company will benefit in multiple realms.

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