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Silver Breaks $20 an Oz

I’ve been following silver just about every day and have become a bit of an addict. Well the big news is that Silver rose above $20.00 mark today for the first time in around 30 years.


As if on que silver rose to it’s expected high of $20 + shortly today (sept 8th). Silver prices are a great way to measure the instability of the economy and the monetary system in both the local and global economy.

With the September 11th fast approaching, the United States still in 2 wars, the official but under reported unemployment rate at 10%, housing prices loosing some 30% of value, and an election coming, It’s a wonder we are still standing as a Country. We need to start exporting something besides the US Dollar and War people. It’s that simple. If you don’t export goods, you are screwed. We’ve been able to fight this off for a bit, but how much longer can we sustain ourselves as a country before we end up collapsing like the old USSR.

Sorry about the rant. So yeah $20.00 and oz silver highs reached today, who knows if that’s going to be the norm, if it will go higher, or if it will fall back down a few $

Silver prices were higher than this in 1980, at something like $25.00, so it may continue rising? What do you think?

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