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Getting Paid to Post Links @

Every hear about those “getting paid to post link scams”. They are all spam, and garbage as far as we are concerned. Now there is a legitimate way to post links and get paid.

We’ve worked with a few partners of ours in an attempt to create system that actually allows you to boost your adsense revenue by simply posting new links, or replacing old links. It takes no more effort than you are already putting forth. We all post links to content in forums, on our blogs, to twitter, facebook, myspace, newsletters, and emails.

Now it’s simple to make some extra denero by replacing these links with somewhat of an “Adsense Interstitial”. A page that is displayed briefly to users, and that contains your Adsense Ads. A page that then redirects the users to the correct url.

It’s a strange concept, brand new. We are hoping it catches on, and webmasters take advantage of this awesome little resources. There is no scam, or trick. It’s an honest, simple, and transparent system that allows me and you to make a little more money. You already send people links to funny or cool videos. You already post links to valuable resources. You already share interesting content.

This system is anonymous so people won’t even know that they are your ads. You can provide support in forums, yahoo answers, and blog’s and get paid for it.

Pretty cool concept. Tell us what you all think. We are willing to make changes to the system if you are interested.

Turn your urls into cash at