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Google PageRank Update Finally!

PR Updates!

PR Updates!

It’s been forever since I’ve seen a Google pagerank update. In fact i cant every remember there being this much time between updates. I haven’t noticed an update since April 2010 nearly a year ago. See old 2010 PageRank Updates

I was begining to wonder if Google had just shut down the PR program due to the linkspam problems. So I was a bit thrilled to find out that the updates finally processed. I had a few websites (I run 100+) that upgraded to PR 6, some to PR 5, some PR 4’s, and of course a few PR 1’s for those sites that I created on a whim and then lost interest in (I tend to do that fairly often). Also had a few sites loose a point or 2.

Without spamming the blog with your links, please tell us how you fared this update.

6 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update Finally!

  1. Recently my website has got page rank 2, website was launched in the year 2009,.after a continuous hard work in seo we finally did it,..I think after getting page rank to a website,..keywords rank automatically

  2. Moved our “main site” from a PR0 to a PR3 in just 10 months–very happy with the progress! More importantly we are ranking page 1 position 1-3 for our 10 most important keywords–very glad with our SEO work!!

  3. yes,a long time,the page rank then update,one of my website pr0 to pr2,i am so happy about not know when update next time.

  4. running mysite for almost 1 year but page rank still 0. it doesn’t matter anyway since the main site itself is a wpmu site and I don’t have a niche.