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Automatic Directory Submission

If you are looking for some software that will automatically submit your sites to directories then you need to try this software.

It’s great for do-it your self search engine marketers and optimizers as well as persons wanting to sell their services to other companies. This software could easily more than pay for itself 5x over with just one client.

Download Using This Link

People always say time is money, and to work smarter not harder. Well this is what comes to mind when i think of those phrases.

We are promoting the standard edition of this thing. They have a pro, but the standard is more than enough to get the job done. Download the trial here, or read what they have to say about the software themselves below.

Increase search ranking and generate more traffic. Rapid and effective method for link popularity.
No effort : EPractize Labs SEO Directory Submitter will manage the login information (registration and confirmation) and submission.
EPractize Labs SEO Directory Submission Software manages reciprocal links. Easy registration by registration wizard. One click submission by submission wzard. Easy to communicate by email follow-up wizard. Our link submission directory database grows on a daily basis and now consists of more than 2000+ titles of top ranked link exchange sites. We constantly update our database to remove from the submission list all sites that are either obsolete or not do not correspond to our standards.

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Expired Domains Pagerank

Domain PageRank

Domain PageRank

I’m always on the look for an expiring domain with a good pagerank. Do expired domains loose or keep their PR? This is a common question, who wants to buy a PR 4 domains just to have it go back to 0 in a month.

From my experience if you can buy it from Godaddy Expiring Auctions, and most of the time when you purchase it through a service like, and almost 100% of the time when you do a transfer.

So the best option is to try and catch the webmaster before it expires so you can get the transfer, even if it means spending $100 in stead of just the $60 or so from a drop service. You can sometimes get the sites content like this as well.

Warning to Buyers – You need to check the pagerank of the site and make sure it’s not a fake. Many if not most of the high pr domains that are at auction are fake. I’ve bought a few myself. Best way to check is to google the name and check the cache, if the cache is from some other website what the webmaster has done is a 301 redirect to a High PR site, and then taken it off. The domain will retain that PR for awhile, but it’s not real. Seriously check 1st.

Hope this helps all you domainers out there, and happy hunting.

Domain Name Drop

domain name drop

domain name drop cycle

Understanding the basics of the domain name drop cycle can really get you a long way in the world of domaining.

Lets take a look at the cycles steps, and detail each one as we go.

In order for a domain to drop it must have first been registered for at least 1 year. Domains can be registered for up to 10 years at a time.

If the person whom registered the domain decides he no longer wants to renew the domain, or the person accidentally forgets to renew the domain it then goes into the “expired” phase of the cycle. This 45 day period is a sort of courtesy time frame and lets the webmaster re-register any domain he has accidentally let drop.

Redemption Grace Period
During this phase a user can still re-register any domain he or she has forgot about, some registers will try to tack on an extra fee at this point, but most do not.

Pending Delete
This is a very short 5 day period in which the domain is pending delete. At this point the domain can no longer be re-registered by the prior owner.

Domain Available
The domain name is available for registration, and if you were smart enough to use a domain a domain catching service like then you are golden, and most likely have yourself a shiny slightly used, but premium domain name. has the highest % of successful catches in the business, we have personally used them to catch some 10 or so domains in the past 3 or 4 years. We are very happy, and there service unlike Godaddy is free unless you actually win the domain. So you can backorder an endless number of domains for $0.00 and when they drop buy them for a small $69 fee.

We are not affiliated with pool, and you can check out links to see that we aren’t getting a kickback.

Top 6 Domain Auction Sites & Marketplaces

bidding on domains

bidding on domains

A great big list of domain auction sites. Why should you use an auction when searching for a domain? Well if you have the extra money it takes to buy a premium or dropping domain then your domain will receive more traffic because it will be shorter, probably a .com, easier to remember, more relative to the keywords you are targeting, and much more.

Would you rather have the domain name or ? That’s a loaded question i know. But this is the difference. So where is the site list the title promised?

Here is the list in no special order – this site is one of our favorites, it has a huge selection of domains to choose from. Has great filter and search capabilities.

sedo screenshot

sedo screenshot -Nameseek offers thousands of domains names both premium and not in a search able catalog.

nameseek screenshot

nameseek screenshot – Pick up dropping domain names, this site is great for catchings domains on the drop.

pool screenshot

pool screenshot – Afternic is much the same as the others, we’ve not really used it much.

afternic screenshot

afternic screenshot – This is our very own marketplace. Buy and sell domains here. Sign up today and get $50 free. While this site is new it is very full featured and a great auction interface.

marketplace.pagestat screenshot

marketplace.pagestat screenshot – Godaddy auctions is a very reputable and well known auction marketplace. We’ve bought hundreds of domains from these guys. screenshot screenshot

Top 5 Twitter Plugins for WordPress

wordpress to twitter

wordpress to twitter

Here are the Top 5 Twitter Plugins for WordPress~! When it comes to blogging and the internet WordPress is the platform of choice. When it comes to social media updates, twitter is the platform of choice (well that and facebook). It’s important to find or have some plugins / addons that will effectively marry the 2 mediums togetther.

So here is our list of the Best twitter plugins for wordpress.

  1. Twitter Tools – Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.
  2. Twitter for WordPress – Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.Features* Simply* Customizable* Widget support* No options page (yes, its a feature)* Uses WordPress resources (no extra files needed)* Detects URLs, e-mail address and @username replies
  3. Twitter Widget –Adds a sidebar widget to display Twitter updates (using the JavascriptTwitter ‘badge’)
  4. Twitter Friends –Widget that allows you to give love to the people that follow you on Twitter. You can choose different display styles of either picture only or picture, username, and most recent tweet. Due to Twitter limit on API hits, I cache the friend list and only hit Twitter every 5 minutes to avoid getting “Over the limit errors”
  5. WP to Twitter –The WP-to-Twitter plugin posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress blog using either the or URL shortening services to provide a link back to your post from Twitter.For both services you can provide your information to maintain a list of your shortened URLs with your URL shortening service for statistics and your own records.

Hope that helps you WordPress gurus out, thanks for reading!