Speeding Up DNS Propagation

DNS Propagation

DNS Propagation

The following details and gives tips on dns propagation.

The standard dns propagation delay of 24-72 hours is caused by a day to few day gap in time, from when the dns details are specified at the registrar level to when the domain actually resolves to those ns details (name server details)

I think the delay is due to the way the internet is set up. The internet does not have 1 central brain but thousands that give directions, and those are updated at various levels.

DNS Propagation Explained

Here are the basic steps for changing a name server.

  • Site is registered or transferred to another registrar
  • Domain info is added to a server (usually via cpanel for Apache servers, but also via IIS on Windows)
  • DNS (domain name server) info is manually changed at the registrar level.
  • DNS Details Propagate accross the web.

Now here is the tip. Whenever you register the domain at say Godaddy.com do not visit the domain name until you create the account on the server and enter the dns details into the registrar. We are not sure what goes wrong when you try and visit the domain before setting the dns details, but we can guess that it has something to do with caching of the dns details on some level or another. (be it local or regional) We own some 100 domains, and have setup some 2, or 3 hundred in total. When following the suggested steps new domains will show up almost instantly. We are serious here. Please make a note and try this next time you register a domain.

If you have questions, or comments post them up.


Embedding AVI Video in HTML

avi video

avi video

Embedding avi video in html, php, asp or other web page is simple if you have the code.
We’ve needed help with this subject many times in the past so we figured we would just post up the solution for ourselves and friends.

The problem? Needing to embed a video into a webpage. The solution? Usually simple html embedded script.

For the practical applications of this “tutorial” ,if you even want to call it that, we are going to show you the html code.

You are most likely going to want to use the embed tag. It’s the simplest.
<embed src=”somevideo.avi” /> Continue reading …

Domain Auctions

Domain Auction Screenshot

Domain Auction Screenshot

If you are looking to buy and sell domains then we have a treat for you. PageStat.com has just created a Website & Domain Auction site that will help you do just that. It’s brand new but has been tested thoroughly.

Sign Up Today, and get $50 in free credits just for your efforts. That’s enough to list 5 – 10 sites. There are no sellers fees like some other domain auction sites, so it really is a good deal.

We will be promoting the domain marketplace heavily in the next year so look out for big things.

Some cool features that it offers are things like

  • Phone Verification
  • Domain Ownership Verification
  • Web 2.0 Interface
  • $50 in free credits on signup
  • Pageview counter
  • PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Registrar
  • Date domain registered
  • Buy It Now Options
  • Reserve Options
  • Comments
  • Featured Promotion Upgrades
  • Auction Promotion Banners
  • Re-Tweet integrations

Those are just some of the features you’ll find over at MarketPlace.PageStat.com so check it out, buy and or sell some domains, and be sure to blog and tell your friends about it!

We like it so much we’ve put 5 of our domains up for sale, as well.
Visit the Site

Robots.txt Generator

robots generator

robots generator

We’ve created a cool new robots.txt generator that is web based.

When wanting to hide a folder, file, or tell the search engines where our sitemap is without placing a direct link on the main page even we need help sometimes.

A robots.txt file is one of those things that you rarely edit, and therefore rarely re-use the syntax / commands. This tool will quickly generate all the data for you and even includes a link to a blank robots.txt file.


  • Google, Yahoo, MSN, Google Image allow or deny feature
  • sitemap location feature
  • folder deny feature (up to 4 folders)

Check it out and bookmark it. 🙂

Robots.txt Crawl-delay:



Robots.txt Crawl-delay:

Just came across a robots.txt today with a crawl delay in it. I hadn’t heard of it before, maybe some of you have.

The purpose of a Crawl-delay in your robots.txt seems “dumb” to put it lightly. It is supposed to slow down bots from crawling your page. Why would you want to do that. I mean for all argumentative purposes you want the bots all over your site, as often as possible getting all your fresh content and displaying it in the associate search engine.

The only bots most likely smart enough to even check for this are Yahoo Slurp! and GoogleBot. Do you really want to restrict them on anything. Do you want to say, hey Google skip me and come back later when my server is not so busy? I don’t.

If you want to slow down how fast Google crawls your site sign up for a Webmaster Tools account it’s free and from Google. The link http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ There you can see how fast they are crawling and slow them down if you want.


What do you think??