Adwords and Search Rankings

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

This may be somewhat controversial I believe there is a bit of truth in this idea. I’ve had countless sites that ranked for near nothing until I’ve purchased adwords ads.

The rankings are not gifts from Google for buying ads through them, but rather results of manually inspected site relevancy

If you you purchase ads for “blue widgets” then your ad will be “pending review” after the ad. Or keyword is manually reviewed a quality score is given. It is in my opinion that this score is then somehow used in the search algorithm.
Google would be dumb not to use this data, after they have spent time reviewing a website why not use it. A manually reviewed site must be a more accurate measure of a sites “keyword relevancy” than using backlinks and keyword density right?

5 PPC Ad Copy Tips

PPC Ad Copy Tips

PPC Ad Copy

Here are 5 PPC Ad Copy Tips.

  1. Write a long ad and trim back everything but the power words. This makes the ad copy more compelling. Example of this.
    • Studies show that using our natural green tea extract will boost your bodies immune system (long copy)
    • Natural Green Tea Boosts Immune System (short copy)
  2. What ads are your competitors using. Companies that have been in “the game” longer will most likely have narrowed down what ad copies work and do not. Using similar wording (not exact) should help you as well.
  3. Monitor your CTR (click through rate). Ads with a higher ctr may be more effective.
  4. Monitor your conversion rates. An ad with a high ctr and low conversion rate may mean the ad is misinforming clickers.
  5. Create a custom landing page for each ad if possible, or at least a group. If the ad reads “Natural Green Tea Boosts Immune System” and the page they land on starts of talking about how talking about the “Green Tea Helps You Loose Weight Fast” they may bounce. Give them exactly what they are looking for.

Hope this has helped everyone, with their Ad Copies.

Webmasters Don’t Waste Your Time

Wasting Time

Wasting Time

Don’t waste your time doing something you hate. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past 12 years is that it is not worth your time to create a site about something you don’t like, just because “thats where the money is”. Example site topics include;  ringtones, credit cards, attorneys, doctors, loans, housing, drugs (the legal kinds), and anything else at the top on the top adsense keywords list. Continue reading …