Review | Turn your visitors into advertisers Review promises to turn your visitors into advertisers. We signed up and gave it a whirl.

Let’s first start out with concept. has certainly re-engineered the standard advertisement model to say the least. It seems as though they analyzed the the standard steps and removed any that are unnecessary.

The biggest improvement that AdTaily has made is to integrate the advertiser sign up into the ad servers site completely. What we mean by this is that the visitor or potential ad customer can design, purchase, and place the ad unit without having to leave the publishers site and visit itself. That in itself is fairly revolutionary.

A few other quick benefits we noticed was the sites nice “web 2.0 ish” interface and interaction abilities. The site loads fast and is fairly intuitive, both of these are very important.

AdTaily also makes it easier for webmasters to integrate the ads. The ads “automagically” re-size to the proper ad range.

OK, so here are a few problems we’ve noticed, and maybe we’ve overlooked obvious (we’ve done that before).

  • How does the publisher dictate the ad size?
  • How does the webmaster get the ads on a set of subpages?
  • If ad moderation is enabled (and it is by default) where do you moderate the ads? We tried to set up and ad but were unable to view it in the admin panel.

It may be that we needed to finish paying for the ad, but the software gave us an estimated ad placement time before we even finished our transaction.

We are going to invite the people from to answer these and any other questions people may have. So stay posted, and be sure to post your questions up.

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