Webmasters Diversify

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Webmasters Diversify

I can’t stress enough the need to diversify your “web” portfolio.You know the saying “don’t have all your eggs in one basket”? Just like all universal truths it a also applies to your work online.

Diversify what you ask?

Your Website Niches- Instead of just doing ringtones or tips on lawncare start a few other sites in other niches. So if one domain suddenly becomes unpopular you still have a few backups.

Revenue Streams- Don’t rely to heavily on one form of revenue (usually Adsnese Ads) read our article on Top 10 Adsense alternatives. Additionally try selling stuff on ebay, or selling your visitors a physical or digital items like an e-book. People don’t often realize this but those advertisers on your site are making money off of your visitors because you aren’t. You can make alot more by selling them something directly. Continue reading …