Domain Name Drop

domain name drop

domain name drop cycle

Understanding the basics of the domain name drop cycle can really get you a long way in the world of domaining.

Lets take a look at the cycles steps, and detail each one as we go.

In order for a domain to drop it must have first been registered for at least 1 year. Domains can be registered for up to 10 years at a time.

If the person whom registered the domain decides he no longer wants to renew the domain, or the person accidentally forgets to renew the domain it then goes into the “expired” phase of the cycle. This 45 day period is a sort of courtesy time frame and lets the webmaster re-register any domain he has accidentally let drop.

Redemption Grace Period
During this phase a user can still re-register any domain he or she has forgot about, some registers will try to tack on an extra fee at this point, but most do not.

Pending Delete
This is a very short 5 day period in which the domain is pending delete. At this point the domain can no longer be re-registered by the prior owner.

Domain Available
The domain name is available for registration, and if you were smart enough to use a domain a domain catching service like then you are golden, and most likely have yourself a shiny slightly used, but premium domain name. has the highest % of successful catches in the business, we have personally used them to catch some 10 or so domains in the past 3 or 4 years. We are very happy, and there service unlike Godaddy is free unless you actually win the domain. So you can backorder an endless number of domains for $0.00 and when they drop buy them for a small $69 fee.

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