Expired Domains Pagerank

Domain PageRank

Domain PageRank

I’m always on the look for an expiring domain with a good pagerank. Do expired domains loose or keep their PR? This is a common question, who wants to buy a PR 4 domains just to have it go back to 0 in a month.

From my experience if you can buy it from Godaddy Expiring Auctions, and most of the time when you purchase it through a service like Pool.com, and almost 100% of the time when you do a transfer.

So the best option is to try and catch the webmaster before it expires so you can get the transfer, even if it means spending $100 in stead of just the $60 or so from a drop service. You can sometimes get the sites content like this as well.

Warning to Buyers – You need to check the pagerank of the site and make sure it’s not a fake. Many if not most of the high pr domains that are at auction are fake. I’ve bought a few myself. Best way to check is to google the name and check the cache, if the cache is from some other website what the webmaster has done is a 301 redirect to a High PR site, and then taken it off. The domain will retain that PR for awhile, but it’s not real. Seriously check 1st.

Hope this helps all you domainers out there, and happy hunting.