Laptop Battery Life

power saver mode

power saver mode

The average life of a Laptop battery is around 2-4 years. This all depends on a multitude of factors, most actively are the number of cells in the batters. A 6 cell battery will inevitably last a shorter amount of time than a 9 cell. That’s just the way it works.

Here is something to ponder just a second. They will warranty a Hard Drive for 5 years, a Mother Board for 5 Years, but not one will Warranty a battery past 2 years. What does that tell you about our technology?

I’ve heard all sorts of things when it comes to laptop batteries. I’ve heard they have battery member, I heard you should let them fully charge, and fully drain before plugging them back up to charge.

It seems to be however that no matter what I do (just short of sticking them in my closet for a few years)  they don’t seem to last very long.

laptop battery sony viao

laptop battery sony viao

You can recharge an average lithium ion battery 500-1000 times before the battery becomes ineffective. You figure that’s about 1x a day for 2 years or so. That’s all.

Of course you can implement Power Saver mode and let your laptop standby after so many minutes of misuse. This may give you a longer battery life because there is less need to charge the battery.

The point of the matter is that your laptop battery is going to ware out before your laptop does. With average laptop battery cost being around $130, and average Laptop prices being somewhere between $400-$800 you can see that it’s a large percentage of the laptop’s cost. So after 2 years when your laptop battery goes out, and you need to spend $130 for a new one. You start thinking really hard…do I want to spend $100+ for a laptop battery? or $400 for a new laptop? Most people end up buying a new laptop. A great marketing scheme if i do say so myself.

Note: Your laptop will function as a desktop permanently, even with the battery removed, so long as it’s plugged in. Just food for thought.

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