IconBug.com 10,000+ Free Icons

IconBug 10,000+ Free Icons
IconBug 10,000+ Free Icons

IconBug.com is a huge resource of free icons for designers looking to get a leg up on the competition. The site contains some 10,000+ tagged icons that cover almost any and all subjects you can think of.

Some features we thought were cool

Image scaling: The site has every standard size icon for quick download so you don’t have to shrink the images yourself. Sizes include 256 x 256,128 x 128,64 x 64,48 x 48,32 x 32,24 x 24, and in some cases 512×512.

Icon Size

Icon Size

Image Size Filtering: Allows you to quickly filter by a certain image size using a little check box system on the right sidebar.

Icon Category Filtering: Common tags are displayed on the right. So lets say you search for social networking icons and then want to drill down to just the Facebook or Twitter icons. You would simply need to put a check box in either the twitter or Facebook box on the right and it would filter out all unwanted icons.

Search Features

Search Features

Robust Auto Search Suggest: The site also has a very clean and robust search page that not only allows you to search bu also provides hints as you are typing.

Share Your Icons: If you are an icon designer they have a great user feature that allows you to upload and manage your icon collection and even lets you provide a link back to your website. It’s a great way to promote your icons and it cost’s nothing. So that may be something you want to think about doing as a designer.

So in summary the site IconBug.com is a great little resource for people looking for fast and easy access to a large icon database.

The URL for those who are interested is


IconFinder.com Free Icon Files



The website IconFinder.com has become a staple source of icons for designers of web and computer content.

We can safely say this is the best place online to search, sort, filter, and find icons for any occasion.

The site was until more recently located at the .net address, but seems to be doing well enough now that they could afford to buy the .com version that looked to be parked or squatted on.

OK, so whats so good about this site that we would take the time to write an article about? Well we’ll tell you about some of there features.

IconFinder.com gives you the ability to search for icons. It’s essentially a human powered icon search engine. Nothing to magical about that right?

At the time of this writing the site currently has 168,162 icons in its database. 168 thousand icons. That’s insane.

Commercial or Non-Commercial
The have a nice creative commons filter option that lets you choose to show only icons that can be used commercially (ie: part of an application that is to be sold), or all icons. (cc and non cc items)

Icon Background Color
You can conveniently change the background color of the icons to white, black, or grey. This will let you see what they look like with a bg similar to the one on your site or application.

Icons Per Page
They give you the option to see 18,24,or 48 icons per page.  If you want more you choose more, if you want less you choose less.

Size Filter
You can additionally filter the icons by available size. Anywhere from 0-512px are available. This helps you find the proper size without having to re-size and possibly pixelate an con.

So that about sums it up in a nutshell. Check out the site IconFinder.com

Be sure to post your comments below, as well as any tips you may have for using the site. If you are the owner we love to hear from you as well.