Chromium OS Boots Faster

This video show a simple comparison between the traditional OS (operating system model), and the new Google Chrome OS system model.

It’s easy to see why Chrome OS is going to be a winner here. You know we all hate to wait, and we’ve been waiting for 20 or 30 years now, and while computers have increased their computing power many of thousands times over we still have to wait for the stupid boot.

Watch this vid and see a good comparison / explanation.


Google Chrome OS Promises Security

Googles new Chrome OS Promises and unrivaled level of security from Spyware, Viruses, Adware, & System Bugs. They’ve segmented out the user data on one partition, and the system data on another partition. The second (the root or system partition) is then further segmented into something like a raid 5 hard drive settings that allows for parity and comparison. Check out the vid.

What do you think?

Will Google Take Over the World?

Google Domination

Google Domination

Will Google Take Over the World? With this question in mind I think about that movie Wall-E where everything is owned by a fictional company called Buy n Large. This company is more a parody of “Wall-Mart” obviously, but this level of dominance is the point in question.

In my opinion the simple answer is no. It’s an easy answer since it’s never happened. Now the fact that 75% of our internet searches and by proxy 75% of our questions are answered by Google does seem a bit alarming.
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