Why now may be the best time to invest

Down Jones over 100 Years

Down Jones over 100 Years

Believe it or not, but now may be the best time in recent times to invest your money in the stock market. Now not all at once, but over the next 10-15 years.

Yes the stock market is down, but you really don’t want to buy when it’s up, and sell when it’s down. You want to buy when it’s down, and sell when it’s up. (hopefully  your retirement years).

Setting up a tax differed 401K, and paying as little as $50 a month could greatly improve your retirement. The U.S. economy may collapse, go into a “double dip” recession, massive depression, or any number of other things. If any of these happen it is a great time to invest even more money. (not in the companies going under, but those that are undervalued).

For advice on finding undervalued stocks please talk with your financial adviser, but for god sakes do not…i repeat not watch “Mad Money” with Jim Cramer. That guy is a nut-job with a pulpit.

We’ve attached a picture of the Dow Jones Industrial and it’s performance over the last 100 years. If you are 80 it’s probably to late to invest, and very unlikely you are still working. If you are 15-50 or somewhere around there then this may help lighten your stress load and help you see the light at the end of the proverbial “tunnel”. Even if that tunnel will continue to slope downwards for years to come.

You can see that we’ve had overall growth for some 100 years. You can see that last little dip is our current financial crisis. You can then compare that last little dip to the “great depression”, that would be your worst case scenario. Even if things get as bad as they did then,  they would recover in 15 or so years.

My great grandfather  invested heavily during the great depression, and became fairly wealthy because of it. Or so the story goes.

Can you point to one “dip” or low spot on that chart that didn’t come back within 15 years? I can’t.

What the Internet Means to Business

Big Business

Big Business

If you were to tell someone 20 years ago that the average Joe would be able to one day compete with Wallmart, K-Mart, Target and any other retail giant on a item by item basis from the privacy of their own home you would most likely have ended up in the loony bin. No offense to those in the loony bin, I’d be there if they could just catch me. But anyway…

This is what the internet means internet brings.  It gives people like me and you direct access to the buyers, and it does it for free. Continue reading …