Google & Local Search Results

google local search

google local search

Google in the last year or so has been focusing very heavily on local search results. It has even spilled over into their auto-suggest features. What does this mean to you and your website?

Well it depends on your services and products really. If what you offer is plumbing, electric, pizza delivery, and the likes, then yes this will effect you substantially.

When I search for Pizza, or a Lawyer, or anything that I want to get locally, I want my results to be local. This only makes sense, I’m not going to order pizza from Seattle if I live in Tampa, so why would I even want that option.

How does Google get and use local search info. That is a good question, and from a programmers point of view  I can answer it like this. I would use the whois database to find the webmasters location, as well as any on page address my bot would happen to find. I would then cross reference the data and push my data to my datacenters by region. I would then most likely have to get the person searching ip address and look it up, get their location, and give them the closest thing to their known city. Updated Domain IP 2 Location

PageStat Updates

PageStat Updates Updates
We’ve had a few issues with load times in the past, in response we’ve changed a few things. We had removed the tiwtter module that searched for site data for the domain in question and displayed it on the page. We’ve made a few changes to that and it’s back up.  StumbleUpon networking check has been removed.

2 Cool New Features

  1. IP 2 Location for IP – we’ve now integrated with Google Maps API as well as an ip to location database to provide you with more details about the domains hosting server. (example) Details include city, state, country flag, lat and lon, as well as location on map.
  2. Display other domains on IP – this cool new feature allows you to see all known domains on an ip address. Great for figuring out your competitors portfolio. (example)

If you guys see any bugs please tell us about them. 🙂