Buysellads Review

Buy Sell Ads

Buy Sell Ads has essentially taken over the blogosphere in terms of ad publishing and monetizing blogs. We were a bit skeptical at first (we signed up about a year ago). But it has turned out to be a great way to monetize unused ad space.

It is easy to make a few extra bucks using Most sites use adsense, and maybe an affiliate program, and maybe even chitika. While these are good programs, you still have valuable space somewhere on your sites that could be further monetized by using the BuySellAds marketplace.  The site is very clear, and transparent. They take 25% of all ad revenue. All other ad agencies don’t tell you how much they take, but it is most likely neared to 45-55% depending on the company. What’s better is you get to set the price you want, so say you want $75 a month for an ad space, then you set the rate at $100, BuySellAds gets $25 for selling the space, and you get the $75 you wanted. It’s that simple to earn extra money.

The minimum you can charge for an ad space is $10 at the moment, so even if your site gets very little traffic you cans till most likely make a few extra dollars every month, and in this economy every little bit helps.

Chitika Select Review


Chitika Select

Chitika Select

Here is our Chitika Select Review. They seem to be pretty excited about it, and to tell you the truth I think it’s a great idea.  Really.

Chitika has a huge customer base, possibly only second to Google Adsense. Chitika Select is going to be a great ad to help monetize your site. Since they have nearly dropped their Chitika Linx product they really did need something more for both their advertisers and their publishers.

We’ve started this page, and will be trying them out Monday March the 8th 2010. We’ll post our info here and you are more than welcome to post your opinion on the product. Check out Chitika Select Here.

Check back this week for a full review on the chitika select  product.

Well I’ve displayed a few hundred thousand chitika select ads, and made an average cpm of .04 (thats 4 cents per thousand ads)

These where displayed across 3 large websites that get good quality traffic. I have to give Chitika Select a 1 out of 5 or something like that, really horrible ad revenue system.  They say its cpm, but it is really cpc. I’ve put it on a few sites that got 0 clicks, and had a  0.00 cpm. Im sure the advertisers love the solution, but for publishers its just awful.

If anyone else has anything to say please tell me. Just post your review below. Please no spamming the post with links however.

If you want to display a real CPM ad try Tribal Fusion or similar.

How to Monetize a Website

How to Monetize

How to Monetize

How to properly monetize a web site. Monetize for those of you who may not know means to make money from.

1st thing is to assess your goals, where your traffic comes from, and your long term goals. Is your goal to make lots of money, a little money, or no money. If you are doing this as a hobby you may not be looking to cash in, right? What are your long term goals? Are you trying to build up a user base and then monetize? Where does your traffic come from? Does it come from people typing in your url because they know and love your site, or is it mostly search engine referral traffic? Continue reading …