Blogging a Real Recession Hedge


Blogger Guy

Blogging a Real Recession Hedge? I see videos online where people are always talking about finding a hedge against recession.

Well I suggest you start a Blog. Don’t buy gold, because at 1,300 an oz its highly overpriced right now. If you want to buy a metal buy silver, but neither one of these 2 items will help you fight a recession/depression like blogging will. Continue reading …

Co.Uk vs .Com

Tea Time

Tea Time

Co.Uk domain name worth more than  a .COM
Well according to domain marketplace giant it is, or at the very least was the 2nd quarter of 2009. reports that “price for domains has overtaken that of .com, selling for £790 while .com drops to £594. ” [read article]

That being said the .com domain sales still make for 76% of all domain sales in 2009. Continue reading …

How to Monetize a Website

How to Monetize

How to Monetize

How to properly monetize a web site. Monetize for those of you who may not know means to make money from.

1st thing is to assess your goals, where your traffic comes from, and your long term goals. Is your goal to make lots of money, a little money, or no money. If you are doing this as a hobby you may not be looking to cash in, right? What are your long term goals? Are you trying to build up a user base and then monetize? Where does your traffic come from? Does it come from people typing in your url because they know and love your site, or is it mostly search engine referral traffic? Continue reading …