Does Our Universe Exist Inside a Black Hole

Our Black Hole Universe

Our Black Hole Universe

I started thinking about this as I was going to sleep for the night. I am not a physicist or even a scientist, but am a bit of science nerd. I love the concepts of quantum physics, string theory, and such. Does the universe really exist in a black hole?

I recently watched through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman, which i was a bit skeptical about at first, as Mr Freeman has nothing to do with Science, he just a face for the program. The episode im referring to is the one on Black Holes. I’ve watched so many documentaries on Black Holes that my wife always says “haven’t you already seen this one already?” They are a near pop culture phenomenon. (ill include a YouTube Clip in a second on the episode)

Anyway, one of the “founders” of string theory, Leonard Susskind, gives info on the Hawking Radiation theory that states that 2 quantum pairs are ripped apart at the event horizon (point of no return) of all black holes, and one pair goes into the black hole while the other escapes in the form of radiation. It then goes on to state that a 2d version of the entire universe is “written, or stored” at the very edge of the universe. This 2D version is directly related and “paralleled” to the 3D version of life that we perceive as reality. Thank god I have DirectTv because i had to rewind that about 5x in order to process that. Kinda crazy.

So why does our universe “possibly” exist inside a Black Hole? Well our universe is constantly expanding, and scientist can figure that out by measuring varying distances between distant stars and galaxies, or by using something of  a Doppler radar for space. (objects moving towards us glow red, objects moving away from us glow blue) But what if the universe is expanding not because of the Theoretical Big bang, but because the universe itself exists inside a black hole, and that black hole is itself growing in size. The 2d version of the universe that is “hypothetically” stored on the edges of the universe is there because it is the other half of the “entangled quantum pair” that is our existence. This may help explain “alternate universes” right? Maybe there is a limited amount of mass that can be called the “super universe”, and that super universe “drains” into black holes, and those sub universes further drain into more black holes. You can visualize this by thinking about a large brick paver (large brick circle commonly found in yards and gardens) with thousands of little holes in it. The paver surface (not including the holes) is the first level universe, and the holes are the blackholes or sub universes. This would also explain the big bang and the creation of our universe. At one point in time our universe did not exist, and then the second the black hole that is our universe was created. Bam!…a huge explosion and influx of particles from the primary universe began separating and seeping down into our baby universe.

Here is the video and we would love to hear from some real scientist on this subject. Please post comments below. Thanks for reading.

is our universe in a black hole