Best Open Source Database

MySQL Best of the Best

MySQL Best of the Best

So what’s the best open source database? Well I feel that it’s MySQL of course. There are various versions of free open source sql databases, but by far the most widely used has to be MySQL.

I’ve read all sorts of speed test against various query types, various database sizes, and different database activities; such as updating, creating tables, merging, exporting. The one that stands out is always MySQL.

It has become the become the most widely used open source database software not because of marketing, but because of ease of use and durability.

The software is very robust, and widely used. I run near a hundred websites, and it powers every one. It has never let me down.

The interface options (mainly the command line, and & phpmyadmin) are it’s limitations in my opinion however.

The only one i’ve found suitable is MySQLDumper. It’s chews up and spits out database tables with millions of records for breakfast. If you are interested in this addon or module check out our article. Large Database Software Help

How Not to Get Hacked 6 Critical Steps



There are some simple steps you as a wemaster can take to protect your website from potential hackers. Most sites including this one are powered by PHP & MySQL a programming language and a database software based off of SQL. Most sites are on a lnux box (server) and have a WHM/CPanel backend. 99.9% of sites have ftp allowed. So we are going to use that info above and work off that.
There are a few types of hacking that should be prevented and here they are.

  1. Server Hacking
  2. SQL Injection
  3. Password Cracking
  4. Uploading Malicious Apps
  5. Defacing
  6. Software

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Large Database Software Help

Large Database

Large Database

Dealing with Massive Databases

I’ve had a bunch of problems in the past when dealing with large databases. I’m talking about 100MB+ with hundreds of thousands or even millions of records. So what I needed were some large database software utilities.

I’ve found 2 powerful tools to get the job done, and don’t worry they are both free. Continue reading …