8 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog


Does Your Website Needs a Blog?

Here is a quick question. You have a website, the website is doing fairly well, why even bother with creating a blog? Why have a blog on your website?

Well there are few major reasons that I can think of, and I will post them up as they come to mind.

  1. Blogs give a website a human touch, they let the users know that If they need you they can post a question or comment, and you’ll respond.
  2. Blogs show users that your site is current, assuming your content is fresh.
  3. Blogs display your personality in your writing styles.
  4. Blogs generate backlinks and boost your entire websites performance.
  5. Blogs are the best way (in my opinion) to generate newsletter subscribers, that will allow you to better sell your goods and services and monetize your users.
  6. Blogs are Web 2.0 Ish they are interactive, and allow users to use rss to republish your content.
  7. Blogs integrate with FaceBook, and Twitter so that you can post something 1x, and have it distributed everywhere.
  8. It’s just good seo, blogging and posting fresh content weekly will generate traffic in the long run, as well as tell the search engines that you update often.

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