What the Internet Means to Business

Big Business

Big Business

If you were to tell someone 20 years ago that the average Joe would be able to one day compete with Wallmart, K-Mart, Target and any other retail giant on a item by item basis from the privacy of their own home you would most likely have ended up in the loony bin. No offense to those in the loony bin, I’d be there if they could just catch me. But anyway…

This is what the internet means internet brings.  It gives people like me and you direct access to the buyers, and it does it for free. Continue reading …

Blogging a Real Recession Hedge


Blogger Guy

Blogging a Real Recession Hedge? I see videos online where people are always talking about finding a hedge against recession.

Well I suggest you start a Blog. Don’t buy gold, because at 1,300 an oz its highly overpriced right now. If you want to buy a metal buy silver, but neither one of these 2 items will help you fight a recession/depression like blogging will. Continue reading …