Webmasters Hard Work Wins

Hard Work

Hard Work

When it comes to long term website development, and not just a fast burn quick profit, long term hard work wins almost every time.

If there is one thing I’ve learned within the last 10 years it’s that working hard on long term projects is the only way to make it online. Even that doesn’t guarantee that you will make it however.

Years ago before the internet was anything to huge it was easy to create a simple website and rank for some killer terms, and get some killer traffic. Times are different now. There is more organic and paid competition, and the search engines have gotten a hell of a lot smarter.

You may be able to find some of those last few holes in the system if you look hard enough, but you will eventually get burned. The search engines are now geared towards websites that have unique content, relative backlinks, and are updated often.

So if you want to make it online “Hard Work Wins” every time.

5 Great Website Ideas

5 Great Website Ideas

Great Website Ideas

Here are 5 great website ideas I’ve thought up in the last few years, but haven’t had the time or resources to create.

1.) Social Network DoItAll
Social networking site that ties in twitter, facebook, digg, youtube, myspace, delicious, and other top social interactive sites into one account. The user creates one main account that then manages the sub accounts, any post made are then passed to the other sites.

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