Why do zombies eat brains?

zombie eat brains

zombie eat brains

I’m a bit of a zombie fanatic, ever since I watched “Night of the Living Dead” with my dad as a kid, I’ve been hooked. But what’s up with the brains? Why brains and not kidneys, livers, or hearts.

Recently when watching an 80’s zombie movie “Return of the Living Dead”, I came upon the answer. About 3/4 of the way through the movie they take a the upper torso of a mostly decayed female zombie and strap it down to a metal table at the mortuary. They then ask the Zombie, why she want’s to eat them. She says I just want to eat your brains. Why brains the guys ask her. “Because it hurts to be dead, I can feel myself decaying, and the brains make the pain go away.”

So there you go, Zombies eat brains because it makes the pain go away. Brains have some chemical that seem to act as a pain releaver for the dead.

Now this is just one movies interpretation, zombies actually come from the religion Voodoo. According to voodoo a sorcerer can reanimate the dead. Voodoo says nothing about brains however. Phil a guest posted this in the comments section below. “Return of the Living Dead invented the idea of zombies eating brains”. Phil seems to be right 🙂

Update Found a Video Online! (warning foul language)

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