SEO Tips for WordPress



When it comes to SEO and blogging there is no better step than to use WordPress. WordPress kicks search engine ranking butt by itself, but when you start adding SEO plug-ins like the all in one SEO pack then you really start to see the difference.

With the thousands of SEO and other plug-ins available to webmasters from the WordPress community it gets a bit confusing at times.

So where do you start?

Log into your wordpress admin panel
Click the Plugins Option from the bottom left admin bar
Click “Add New”
Type SEO in the box and hit search

Now our favorite plug-in for Search Engine Ranking is “All in One SEO Pack” and we first chose that because of the ratings it had received. Once we had it installed we agreed 100%, it’s awesome.

So assuming you want to try the all in one seo pack click on it and click install, you will then need to choose your settings for the plugin by choosing it on the bottom left of your admin panel.

Im not going to get into the down and dirty of seo, you most likely understand it enough to get by. We will say however that the All in One SEO Pack allows you to rewrite your urls, define you title for each post, define your description for each post, and a little more. It also redirects old non seo friendly urls to the more friendly ones.

So all in all it’s a really simple step, and it works like a charm. Give it a try today, and I bet you’ll see traffic increases from Google within 1-2 weeks.

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