Simple Search Engine Optimization

simple search engine optimization

Simple SEO

This is going to be the simplest search engine optimization article ever. No filler rhetoric. SEO is not a silver bullet, it’s just good form really. So here we go…

Make sure you have unique; title tags, description tags, and keyword tags for each page on your site.

Keywords should appear no more than 2x, and no less than 1x in the description tag.

If at all possible keywords should be included in either the base or page url, with spaces being replaced with either a – or _.

The END.

Spam Killed Forums

Forum Spam

Forum Spam

Spam has Killed the forum.  I’ve operated about 15 forums in the past, some of them with up to 12,000 members. phpbb, vbulletin, even a few php-nuke/phpbb sites back in the day. (i usually hate it when people say back in the day, but it works here i guess)

Well it’s official, spammers have killed the whole forum concept. Forums in general are not very profitable, they are historically hard to monetize.  It is then compounded even further when you add in hundreds of spammers, spamming your forum. I’ve read the same thing all over the internet, its a game of cat and mouse and we are loosing people.  Re-Captcha doesn’t work when your spammer is a real live human being. Continue reading …

Acquirethisname Scam


Evil Scam

I put in an bid for a domain name that was parked, and the offer was turned down so I forgot about it and moved on. Months later i start getting emails from them again, asking me for a new offer on said domain. I had totally forgot why I even made the offer on the domain, so i started doing a little research on it and it turns out to be in one of my niches. While doing research on the domain I realized the owner had already let it drop. Continue reading …

Godaddy 2010 Codes & Coupons

Godaddy Promo Code

Godaddy Girl

2010 Promo Codes & Coupons
I buy domains like they are going out of style, so I’m always looking for a coupon or promo code. You can get .com’s for $7.49 or you can pay the $10.69 like everyone else. Save 3 bucks, and use the coupon code.

We’ve compiled a nice little list of about 15-20 codes that should save you a bit of cash. 🙂 Continue reading …

Chitika Drops Linx Ads

Chitika Drops Linx Ads!?

Chitika Linx Gone

Chitika Linx

Chitika one of the rising stars of the internet advertisement world has effectively dropped their very popular linx ad units. These units were high yield ad units for publishers, and ow they’ve been dropped, or at the very least taken down a peg. I’ve personally seen my Chitika income drop by 80% ouch! They offer premium ads, but these ads pay a horribly low cpc rate. I’m really distraught here, I mean I loved those ads. They were a boost to my revenue stream. I think I’m switching over to Vibrantmedia Intellitxt. I have an account with them, but man I really like those linx ads from chitika. Continue reading …